Revel Events – The Beginning

It all just started very simply. You often stumble upon the best things in life without ever looking for it. Think about it… whether it’s your best friend or your significant other, you never went out looking for it, that just happened!

That’s exactly how this journey started. My husband Harry started with being a DJ for events and we got involved with a yearly event for the India Association where I would be in charge of the co-ordination and decoration and Harry would be in charge of the technical and every year we knew 3-4 months of hard work and preparation would all be worth it for that one night. Seeing your vision turn into a reality unfold right in front of your eyes gives a different kind of high. That’s where the love affair for events accelerated. Before we knew it, we made a company out of our love for music, art and entertainment.

What started with small social events led up to some major corporate events and eventually destination weddings and large scale events. After freelancing for almost 10 years in the events industry, finally we decided to registered the company officially as “Revel Events”, a name chosen by Harry which took us a few months to narrow it down.

I knew I wanted my company name to start with the Letter R yet I didn’t want to have a typical name for the company or a very common adjective, kept looking and searching for something which would just hit the right chord. Then Harry came up with the word Revel and it means celebrations, that’s it! I knew this was going to be the name of our company. Revel with Revel I thought.

After choosing the name, I wanted a logo which would become synonymous with the brand we are trying to build. Having a spiritual streak, I wanted something which would also incorporate that in the logo. Didn’t want a Ganesh or abstract Ganesh as much as I love it, as these would be in all stationery and name cards, not sure where it would end up.

Somehow came across the Lotus, lotus because no matter what happens it always stands tall amongst the muddy waters. Lotus has a very big significance in Hinduism and Buddhism. Symbol of Goddess Laxmi the one who bestows wealth. The logo has 9 petals, 9 being the strongest number in numerology and all the chakra colours are incorporated in the logo.

Blue and White are my favourite colours. That’s why lot of blues and whites are often used in a lot of my work and on my website.

It may sound cliché, but you really got to love what you do then only your passion shines through your work. From the conception of the name, the logo and the detailing, everything was carefully crafted with precision after much thought and that’s how we deal with our work which we love.

If I had to describe Revel Events in 3 simple words it would be – Classy, Creative and Captivating.